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200 Club Winners - June 2024 Draw Results

200 Club Winners - June 2024 Draw Results

wayne marsden5 Jul - 08:20
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We have numbers available, read below for update on monthly prize pot and the MEGA Boxing day draw

June 2024 draw results

£40. No. 66 P.Bale
£40. No. 128 H.Pinnock
£40. No. 172 L.Marsden

£30. No. 9 T.Cooper
£30. No. 63 C.Atkins
£30. No. 104 M.Chamberlain
£30. No. 138 J.Timson

Some past winners have yet to supply their bank details, please get in touch with Wayne and your prize money will be transferred.
Winners yet to receive Prizes
No.13: S Martin
No.197: Phil Hampton

The 200 club have available numbers, please contact Wayne, Jason or Sammy

Members should immediately contact the 200 club committee if they change their contact details, failure to do so could delay payment of prizes

The competition shall be for the benefit of South Leicester RFC and run by the South Leicester RFC 200 club committee. Prize money will be 50% of the total income for the competition over a 12 month period

The Competition will be run over 12 months from Jan to Dec and consist of 12 monthly draws, including the Boxing Day MEGA prize draw

The 12 monthly prizes shall be:
December draw: boxing day in the clubhouse 1pm:
1st prize £2000, 2nd prize £1000, 3rd prize £500,4th prize £250, 5th prize £100

Remaining 11 monthly draws:
1st, 2nd,3rd prize win of £40 each
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th prize win of £30 each

Subscription will be £5 per month, payable in advance or £60 annually, payable in advance
Payment should be by BASC, DD or SO directly into the competitions bank account

New members will be entered into the draw the month following receipt of their first payment, new members or existing members may buy more than one number subject to availability

The winning numbers and names will be displayed on the club website
Prize winners will be contacted and prize money transferred directly into the member’s bank account.

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